*Update! This was my Road to the Marathon*

*Updated Blooper: I haven’t run any races since 2015*

That’s right! I intended to train for the 2016 New York City Marathon.

This became a Bucket List item for me in 2014, when I began running more and participating in races. I don’t call myself a runner. Not that long ago (OK, it was 2010), it took me about 20 minutes to “run” one mile. Throughout my fitness journey, though, I discovered many inner strengths and began learning what it means to work on my weaknesses. Running – still a goat/weakness to this day – became a challenge I wanted to meet head on.

So I hit the ground running – literally.

I can happily report that it no longer takes me 20 minutes to run a mile. Right now, it’s more like 8:00 on a good day. I will never cross that finish line first, but I’m certain I will never cross it last, either.

One might say I “caught the New York bug” and decided during the summer of 2014 to complete the New York Road Runners 9+1 program, which would guarantee my entry into the 2015 Marathon. I was accepted into the 2015 NYC Marathon but did not run it. I deferred my marathon bib to 2016, but again decided not to run it.

If I’m going to do something, I want to do it well – and plan it out. You could say life threw a few other things my way, and I simply didn’t make the time to get on track with a running program that would set me up for marathon success.

My running goals have been put on the back burner, as I continue to learn how to balance different types of training and goals.

First Run Ever_2011

The first run I ever completed, the Port Washington Turkey Trot 2011 – 5 miles never felt so good! No, seriously…

Fall 2013 at the East River Park Track; I had put on some weight and struggled with running. A lot.

Fall 2013 at the East River Park Track; I had put on some weight and struggled with running. A lot.


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